What You Should do, If you have done everything right but still not moving

What You Should do, If you have done everything right but still not moving
Photo of Parklins oxford brookes pair of black shoes with a text that reads "Move"

Dear Young People,

If you have done everything right and yet not moving as fast as expected, double check the people you spend the most amount of time around (I do not mean you should blame someone else for your slow motion o, still take charge of your fails, growth and successes) and confirm if they are the right people.

Even the birds know better, that “birds of a feather, flock together”, my point then really is; If you want to run, spend more time with people who are running, want to learn design? spend more time with people who design on a daily (you can find them in coffee shops, hubs and co working space).

There is this common thing that go on amongst poor people, they compete for irrelevant things thereby wasting resources and time turning the same circle. One of the reason they remain poor is because they spend more time with themselves, competing, doing business and even saving amongst themselves. If you want to be better, you have to break that chain.

When you become too comfortable at your workspace, start looking for a new workspace where you can find people better than you are and challenge you daily to be better. Don’t get carried away by the big titles, what’s important is that we keep learning and becoming better.

If you have been around a group of people for long and you don’t feel a sign of growth, change!

Explore, break down, shield, rebuild, again and again. Find like minds and people doing better than you are. Spend more time with them and challenge your self to be better. If there is one thing we do not have, it’s time. So then, make every relationship count. Don’t allow yourself be pulled by peer pressure, this is why you need purpose to drive pass those pressures.

“For truly, real power is when we can be in control of our inspiration, failure, success, growth, learning, curiosity and wants.” – IC Parklins

Warm regards,
IC Parklins

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