Why Young People should see themselves as a brand

Why Young People should see themselves as a brand
Parklins Ifeanyichukwu standing and folding hands

Dear Young People,
You never know who is looking through your profile and how you land that new job, contract or business deal. It’s so amazing how technology can bring us so close regardless the distance.

For this reason, it is important for us young people to enjoy our stay on social media but as we do this, be cautious of the external perception you paint for yourself as human beings are very good with assuming, concluding, creating pictures and perception based on the few pieces of detail they see.

I decided to view details of my recent post on LinkedIn.com and the screenshot below is what I saw. My recent post was viewed by people who work at Google, PwC, Workforce Group, Chocolate City Group, Microsoft, Interswitch Group and Uber and people with the tittle CEO / Executive Director and Founder. My biggest audience was from San Francisco Bay Area.

Screenshot of report

Screenshot of LinkedIn Post Report

Imagine Parklins has a dream to work at Google and he spends more time posting about his recent project case studies and how much value he can deliver with his skills. Is it not possible that one of the team member working at Google can recommend Parklins for a job opening he/she thinks Parklins will be a good fit?
I joined a design channel on slack and I introduced myself as Parklins a designer. Some bad ass designers requested to see some of my recent projects to be sure I’m a good designer. From no where, one confirm guy like that just joined the conversation. He said, “I know Parklins na, IC Parklins. I can vouch that he is a good designer”. I was surprised, I did not know the guy or that he has been following me.
For young people, I recommend you join LinkedIn. I call it the Facebook for Professionals. I also recommend you begin to treat yourself as a brand and use the right choice of words as you converse on social media.
You don’t want to go for an interview where you claim to be patient and polite, then someone in the room privately check your Facebook profile and found one post where you used all the insult in the world on somebody for a matter that a simple I’m sorry can resolve. This is not a very clear analogy but you get the point right?
Warm regards,

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