Why Young People should choose people over other valuables

Why Young People should choose people over other valuables

Dear Young People,
I think It is wise for us to value people over money and other valuable things.

To great extent I think we humans call the shots for what should be valuable and at what level should something be valued at. So, it’s not nice to then value money over people. I also understand money is an amazing necessity and if you pay attention, you will realize that we humans control how much a necessity it becomes.

I think it is better to choose the loyalty of a friend over money. The time for family over extra gigs which increase work hours. The trust of your team over that business deal that feeds a selfish interest. For every situation where you need to pick between money and people, I’d recommend you go with people.

Back in 06 – 2012 during my high school in Nigeria, a thousand Naira was a lot of money to purchase internet. That year when 5MB data was gold and Edge network was our speedy download. Now in 2017, over 10k Naira is barely enough to browse monthly.

My point is this; That amount of money you choose over a person today will lose value over time as our wants and demand increases. But the trust and loyalty of people can help you to constantly grow in success. This I think is more value than money.

For us young people, I think the loyalty and trust of people is a greater value and can take us away and to places where money can not. Somehow, I am not even surprised that Evans escaped or is missing. 😀

You know, I’m only kidding about the Evans thingy *smiles* but you get the point right?


Kindly share with me any topic affecting young people you’d want me to give an opinion to via the comment section below.

Congratulations! for getting to the end of this story. That’s how you reach the bigger win by completing smaller victories.

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