A couple of things (decisions) young people should take charge

A couple of things (decisions) young people should take charge

Dear Young people,
You see right, at this growing stage of our lives, we need to take charge of a couple of things that includes our failure, focus, motivation, emotions and decisions.

Decision making is highly important at this our young stage as this affects every bit of what our future holds. It’s also cool to note that every wrong decision changes the aligned pattern of success and this change shifts our dream of success further forward.

My people say success is achieved in bits. “You need to win at one thing to the other before reaching the major win as every bits of win has an effect to the motivation required, the conversations necessary, the failure with lessons, the people crossed and deeds necessary to connect the dots and make every circumstance favorable for our major win”. – Parklins Ifeanyichukwu

For instance, Parklins got an interview with a tech startup scheduled for Monday at 9am. Parklins however attends a party on Sunday afternoon and stayed up till late in the evening and this left him with little or no sleep time. He finally goes late and unsettled for the interview. Long story short, he did poorly at the interview and lost the offer due to not being prepared and in the right frame of mind to storm the interview room with bad-ass-ness.

Parklins before the interview has longed to meet one guy called Mark Zuckerberg and assuming he prepared for the interview and got the offer, he would have been able to meet Mark Z who visited CC Hub were the startup team operated from.

Now, seeing Mark Zuckerberg for Parklins will now be pushed forward to maybe say when he can afford to spend a holiday in San Francisco and pay a visit to Facebook or join a team who builds a product that can pull massive attention from Mark and the global tech community or another way but however this will happen is rearranged and extended.

This is simply an example o. But the point is that one decision can affect a great deal of our future, who we meet, how we fail, win and many other changes we are not even aware of else a good of attention is paid. You get me, right.

There is a method for decision making I’d recommend. Try adopting the method of discernment. Explore the power of Google to research more about “discernment”.


Olayinka Babalola


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