Why young people should keep their income private

Why young people should keep their income private

Dear young people,
Keeping your income private should be a practice to indulge in.

Don’t be telling everybody your actual earnings. This includes your sugar, baby, girlfriend, best friend, mum or dad.

My people say to whom more is given, more is expected. I’d say he who everybody knows exactly what he receives, a great or less deal is expected.

When somebody knows your actual income, it’s easier for them to require a less or great deal from you. It’s better to keep your income private and allow people to assume and estimate.

For instance, when you tell your best friend how much you actually earn (230k monthly) and because it’s in the nature of humans to socialize, talk and brag. That friend tells his sister during dinner “Do you know Parklins earns 230k monthly? My man is a big boy now oo. I’m happy for him” his sister during a gist with friends drops the same, one of her friends who one day need help will want to reach out to that Parklins (which is not a bad thing) but if Parklins turns the request down because he needs to pay salaries to his startup team by the end of month but couldn’t explain to her all the details.

You will then be described as either an Igbo man or an aka gum somebody. Some people might even tell you to your face, “sheybe you earn 230k monthly and you can not even give somebody 10k, Wawu”

This is just an example o. Me I don’t have money. But you get the point, right?

Even all the net worth of celebrities and billionaires are estimated value. Keep yours private and allow others do the estimates.



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