I quit Medical School to focus on the Creative Industry, IC Parklins – 19 years old Designer at Chocolate City

I quit Medical School to focus on the Creative Industry, IC Parklins – 19 years old Designer at Chocolate City

IC Parklins was featured on Grafica to talk on the challenges he faces in the creative industry, the breakthroughs and some insights on how to gain some advantages as a designer.

The Interview

Can we meet you?
I’m Parklins Ifeanyichukwu preferably called IC Parklins, where “IC” is the acronym for “Ifeanyichukwu”.I’m a Lagos-based designer, born on the 1st of January, 1998. I’m an undergraduate of Graphic Design and Multi Media specialization at the Academy of Arts University, San Fransisco, CA, USA.

I’m the Creative Designer and Culture Code Chairman at the amazing Chocolate City Group, Graphic Designer at 5ive Music Group and Brand Ambassador at Funzi.

When did you start designing and why did you choose to be a designer?
I started designing Class posters back in high school at age 13 with the school’s computer room desktop. Professionally, I began in 2013 after high school. I decided to be a designer full time after asking myself what I could do without payment and still enjoy it forever and there came design.

What is your core area (s) of expertise as a designer?
My core areas are Branding, User Interface & Experience and Product Design.

Do you think your upbringing has an impact on what you do now?
Not really, my mum seized and tore my drawing books when I was growing up because she wanted me to focus on becoming a doctor.

What is the reason behind your passion for entrepreneurship and what is the objective of the daily success quotes you put up on social media lately?
The summary of this is because I’m on a journey to inspire designers, entrepreneurs and youths. I began this journey after realizing that some of the failures and problems in our world are caused by ignorance, impatience and negative vibes.

When did you start designing and why did you choose to be a designer?
The greatest risk so far has been quitting Medical school and focusing on the creative industry even without a clear destination of whether or not design can be a full time job.

How did you get into chocolate city group at such a young age and what is it like to work with a great man like Audu Maikori?
Taking the risk of venturing into the creative industry was worth it, as it got me into Chocolate City. And most of my on-the-job experiences were gotten by winning design competitions on Stutern.com. Working with Audu Maikori has been remarkably amazing as he exposes I and the team to the benefits of team spirit and a great company culture.

Taking a peek into your daily tasks at chocolate city group; what is it like?
Life in Chocolate City is a daily creative hustle as I and my teams are challenged with how to solve problems, give value and capture value. Since Chocolate City Group is not just a media company but also an idea company, I’m challenged daily to work with the team and enter a lot of brainstorming sessions to help interpret our solutions.

What do you think the future holds for designers in Nigeria and Africa in general?

There have been lots of complaints from both experienced and rookie designers about client attitude towards them over the years. In your view, what can be done to make clients (both corporate and individual) appreciate designers more?

Also, what can be done to make the design profession more attractive to prospective designers?

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

How do you get inspired, handle stress and pressure on the job?

What is your definition of design thinking?

What is your advice for prospective designers?

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