50th Inspirational Quote on my Journey to Inspire Designers, Entrepreneurs and Youths

50th Inspirational Quote on my Journey to Inspire Designers, Entrepreneurs and Youths
IC Parklins 50th Inspirational Quote on my Journey to Inspire Designers, Entrepreneurs and Youths

Today’s quote makes the 50th post on my journey to inspire designer, entrepreneurs and youths.

It’s been 12 Days since I started (17th September, 2016) and so far I have been able to reach over 22,000 entrepreneur on Twitter and over 8,000 on Facebook and Instagram with out Ads.

My original plan was to start up a YouTube channel that will find out design problems, solve it and share the how, what and why with other designers struggling with the design hustle. Inspire designers, entrepreneur and youths with my daily hustle as a designer.

As an 18 Years Old young man, I had setbacks especially with my new position in Chocolate City Group, time has not been my friend including other resources like my personal website, video shoot material (Tripod stand, lightning and camera) necessary for effective communication with my audience.

Back up plan: I realized all theses setbacks and that I began to procrastinate when to begin and how to. I decided to kick start first with daily Inspiring quotes to build an audience instead instead of procrastinating when to start. I began to scout for inspiring people and researched on the difference between them and their worst competitors. I found men like Gary Vaynerchuk , a 14 year old entrepreneur Caleb Maddix, Audu Maikori, Evans Akanno, Adebayo Ibidapo Adegbembo, Stanley Ogbuchi, Molawa Adesuyi and a lot more amazing positive minded people. In a short while I got little guts to begin and the feeling after I shot my first inspiring video was embarrassing but I felt a great joy of accomplishment. That joy that comes from within when you say I will do something and did it!

The great feeling after my first video which was shot while in traffic, had so many distractions. However, it gave me all the push that got me through 12 Days. 12 days may sound small but for me, 12 days of consistency is a great practice to build a community and stay passionate with your hustle.

I realized that today’s quote makes my 50th Inspirational Quote and the end of my Founder’s Edition in 12 days. I have been able to inspire a whole lot of entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses.

The positive comments from Instagram has got me fueling, so I don’t plan to stop now. In short my new edition of Inspirational quotes is from “Steve Job”.

So then, my point simply is “Do not waste any more time procrastinating. Launch now, update later”.

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